An agency, an accelerator, a consultancy, a business’s best friend. We build brands that are engaging at every touch point, across every consumer encounter.


Élever has been called an agency, an accelerator, a consultancy, a businesses best friend. The truth is, we’re a bit of each.

What we know is that young brands will hit obstacles; it’s a certainty. Just like each brand, the challenges will be different. They can come from fast growth, communication, identity, resources, manufacturing, planning, structures, staffing, lost orders, new babies, old lovers – we’ve been there.

We exist to guide and support young brands through these challenges. We’re like an extension of a young brand’s team, but we have the experience which only comes from having grown time-and-time-again with our clients. Whether it’s a communication strategy and execution, a fresh breath for a creative campaign, a leader to train younger staff, or a workshop to sense-check your vision, we’re a multi-dimensional service.

To put Élever in a box wouldn’t be fair, because we think outside of it to solve problems for brands to reach their potential.


Tara Cooper founded Élever in 2017 as a multi-service agency for young labels to understand, grow and optimise their position as retailers and cultural leaders.

Tara has ridden the start-up journey. Many times. As a crucial member of iconic brands during their infancy like SIR the label and Zulu & Zephyr, as well as publicity roles at PortobelloPR, Tara has experienced first-hand what it takes to build engagement. Beyond the hard work, sleepless nights and undeniable devotion, there comes a time where strategic decisions have to be made by a brand. Some are harder than others, they’re critical to getting right for success, and Tara soon realised, what if every young label had the information to avoid making the wrong call at critical times in their journey?

Élever was born with a simple mission: every young brand deserves a chance to turn its potential into a real, flourishing business. That chance only comes from experience, which Tara has in droves.

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