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There’s no one size fits all when it comes to good business.

At Elever, we offer a full scope of services designed to cement your business strategy and accelerate growth. We don’t just look at one aspect, we consider the entire brand story. From the foundations and operations all the way through to marketing and social media strategy.

Together, we shape how your business looks, feels, talks, flirts and flies.

Elever Hotline
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We understand that launching and scaling a brand is often every bit as exciting as it is daunting. The Elever Hotline allows young brands to access thoughtful guidance and invaluable advice from the small business experts at Elever.

Taking a look at a specific area in your business that you’d like to focus on, we provide practical strategies to help you identify and navigate potential opportunities or challenges. Together, we curate a quick list of short term objectives that have the potential to drive long term value for your brand. 

Equally cathartic and practical - this hour of power will leave you with a renewed sense of focus and a fresh perspective.


Who’s it for?
Young Australian brands who:

  • Feel unclear when it comes to their business priorities
  • Have a desire to refine their existing brand operations
  • Have a specific challenge or opportunity they need help navigating
  • Require industry insights to apply to a specific project


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For brands that are in a position to go one step further, the Fundamentals Workshops are deeply contemplative, immersive inquiries into your business. The first is a ‘look under the hood’ focusing on streamlining and optimising back end operations. The second is all about making your brand ‘look good’ and focuses on your brand story and how you communicate with your customers. The workshops can be done separately or in conjunction with one another, depending on your unique business needs. Over the course of three hours we dive deep into your business to explore both pain points and areas that need attention whilst simultaneously uncovering opportunities for growth.

Workshop 1. Business Operations
Seamless production, planning and management are integral to both customer satisfaction and business success. Setting up and maintaining operations underpins each and every business outcome. The Business Operations workshop looks at a strategic approach to product and range planning, management tools for price planning and best practices when it comes to wholesaling. Change occurs daily in business and often we neglect the importance of an agile, responsive and reliable organisational setup. This workshop allows you to put in place or optimise back end operations to increase efficiency and output.

Workshop 2. Brand Identity
The Brand Identity workshop goes beyond aesthetics to delve into the narrative that both connects your brand with your consumer and sets you apart from your competitors. We look at everything from brand personality and tone of voice all the way through to content creation and campaign strategy. You will gain a practical understanding of campaigning all the way down to securing the right talent, photographer selection and harnessing PR opportunities. We take a close look at the role of various marketing channels in cultivating and captivating your target audience. This workshop will allow you to streamline your big ideas, refine your short term goals and crystallise a brand roadmap for your business.

What to expect
The workshops are time spent face-to-face with Tara. While you know your brand inside out, Tara brings extensive industry knowledge and a new perspective.
Prior to the meeting, we will review any business documentation such as brand strategy, objectives or existing marketing collateral. We will also share an in depth questionnaire so that we can research and plan accordingly - curating a session based on your specific needs.
After three hours of caffeine induced brainstorming you’ll walk away with a clear sense of purpose and the tools you need to succeed. Through careful reflection and forward thinking, these workshops will breathe life into your business.


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Creating a successful business doesn’t happen overnight. To build value, businesses must continuously reinforce their identity whilst simultaneously evolving to stay relevant. Carefully planned brand management allows you to control your brand narrative in a way that cultivates following and builds loyalty over time.

How it works
When you enlist Elever to assist with managing your business, we become a natural extension of your team. Throughout the partnership, you have access to our expertise when it comes to scaling your brand and building value.

Whether it be throughout the planning and launch phase, over the course of an exciting phase of growth or navigating a challenging period - we know how to activate and reinvigorate businesses. Together, we build a brand that is engaging at every touch point, across every consumer encounter. The relationship is guided by your unique business needs - dynamic and bespoke to cater to you.

Why it works
All businesses will hit obstacles; it’s a certainty. Just like each business, the challenges will be different. Fast growth, slow processes, lost orders, new staff, old lovers - we’ve been there.

We’ve overcome such challenges time and time again with our clients. We’re dedicated to accelerating your growth and riding the wave with you. We become an extension of your team, a trusted resource, a lifelong friend.

Available Services
Business Management
Business Mentoring
Content Production
Design Consultancy
Project Management
Public Relations & Marketing
Staff Training
Wholesale Management

Who’s it for?
Young Australian brands who:

  • Are looking for a flexible extension of the team to act as a thought leader and industry expert
  • Have a strong entrepreneurial vision but require leadership to activate and accelerate
  • Need to offload a particular vertical to free up internal resources to focus on core operations

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