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Lens - idiom relating to perspective; a channel through which something can be seen or understood
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This decade so far is drip feeding us chaos. And it’s got me feeling contemplative.
Amongst my mostly irrelevant stream of consciousness, one thought is as pervasive as the uncertainty itself: 2020 will define the future of fashion.

2019 was punctuated by an almost palpable consumer shift towards sustainability and mindfulness. As the new decade unfolds, it looks like COVID-19 will speed up the pace of this transition significantly. It will undoubtedly accelerate social and economic changes that may have otherwise taken years, if not decades to materialise.

It can often be a default setting as a small business to find scapegoats during the challenging times. First mercury was in retrograde, then the country was on fire and now a virus named after a beer has virtually halted life as we know it.

Like Jesus turned water into wine and modern medicine turned Bruce into Caitlin – let’s turn adversity into opportunity. Let’s shift our perspective and stare the curveballs dead in the eye through the rosiest lenses we can possibly find. For what is COVID-19 if not the pursuit of silver linings?

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